What is a First look?

There is this old superstition that goes “If the groom sees the bride before their wedding its BAD LUCK!” Totally not the case. It kinda has a more “Old Fashion” history behind it back from arranged marriages (YIKES!) but we don’t have to get into that. 

We don’t live in the old ages anymore in fact its 2021. Time to start some new traditions. A first look is the up to date and modern take on seeing your love for the first time on your wedding day.

What a first look actually aims to accomplish. 

A first look is a moment between you and you’r SO. Just before guests arrives and you walk down the aisle, you get to share a special moment with each other. Seeing one another for the first time all done up and ready for the big moment where you say “I DO”. This might sound like a bunch of cheese and a “do it for the gram” kinda moment but its actually amazing! 

It can be a very powerful thing seeing their one true love on their big day for the first time. Some would like to share to the world and some like it to be done in private where you don’t have to hold back your feelings because everyone you invited is watching. That could be a really tough task for some who may not be used to sharing their feelings with everyone.

How To Navigate your first look

It's actually pretty darn easy to get a great first look right. As soon are you guys are all put together and the last buttons are buttoned, you'll be put in place and let the moment happen. No direction, no posing, nothing but pure genuine magic.

Post First look

Now that your knees aren’t buckling anymore and you can walk straight from all the nerves. You get to ride a high and have enough time for a couple amazing portraits. 

Bonus For doing a first look. 

First looks are definitely fun and can also be really powerful for each other but there are actually some really great perks to doing a first look. Timing is everything. If you are able to time the first look right you could 100% also knock out the family portraits too! (Hardest part of the day BTW). 

Family portraits are always fun but doing them after you say I DO can really be a task especially if everyone wants to say hi. Not to mention half of your family making sure they get photos with you guys and the other half going straight to the bar and yelling their name across the room. As soon as you say those two words and kiss you guys should be able to spend time to visit with guests and enjoy the cocktail hour too. Not trying to wrangle everyone over music and booze. Doing the family portraits before the ceremony not only saves time it's actually a more enjoyable experience. 

Wrap up/ TL:DR

First looks are meant to be a modern and powerful moment you guys share with one another. Letting everything go and truly letting your feelings out without worrying about everyone starting at you. 

If you time it right family portraits are are a breeze and a bonus! 

One last thing. First looks are beneficial but they aren’t for everyone. There’s also no wrong or right answer for planning your big day either. There've been times where schedules change and first looks and portraits might need to be moved. It's not the end of the world if for some reason it doesn’t happen. 

I hope this might clarify some things and gives you a better understanding of what a first look is for. If you would like to chat or continue this conversation please feel to reach out

Happy Wedding Planning!

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