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Photography Based in Austin Texas

I draw my inspiration & creativity from Living Life

I was 12 years old, my great grandfather passed on. I had no clue who he was but my whole family was devastated.

Me, being a young man, I didn't really know how to feel since my grandfather wasn't in my life very much. All I was interested in was when can we go home so I can go about my life again.

After the burial and all of the goodbyes were said we all moved to a small gathering for food and more family time. A reception like gathering. While everyone had their food and spirits started to lift my cousin rolled out a tv with a dvd player. He had put together a slideshow to music of old photos of my great grandfather when he was a child alway to his death. I soon started to see why everyone was so upset. They man had lived.

Seeing his life from a young man to before his death and crushed me and brought me to tears. It truly moved me. After the slideshow was done everyone seemed happy to remember my great grandfather in all of his amazing movements. I had felt a call to action and immediately wanted to investigate why I felt nothing and all of a sudden feel everything.

After thinking and thinking it over the next couple of days I discovered that It was the photos. It was his moments. It was him living his life and it being documented. If these photos didn’t exist I would have never know who my great grandfather was. How he lived his life. And most importantly how happy of a man he was.

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